Drop Off & Pick-Up Zone


Conveniently located on the corner of Civic Drive and Broadway, the drop off and pick up zone is designated to drop off or pick up skaters with ease! It’s easy, fast and free. Look for the white picket fence on Civic Drive! For the safety of our guests, please do not stop or turn around at the Civic Park parking lot/ice rink entrance.

Parking Foul

There is NO parking allowed in the Civic Park parking lot or at the Senior Center.

It is important that parking be reserved for those taking classes or visiting the Senior Center. We are thankful to be able to share the park, so please respect other community programs taking place and show courtesy to our neighbors.

Parking Garages & Free Parking Courtesy of Local Businesses

The following businesses have donated their lots for free parking along N. Broadway and Civic Drive.

Take Bart & Enjoy the Free Downtown Trolley

What child or adult doesn’t enjoy a trolley ride – especially when it is convenient and free. Walnut Creek offers a FREE shuttle service seven days a week for rides around downtown Walnut Creek and to and from the Walnut Creek BART Station.

Please visit the County Connection website for current schedules and information on Route 4: http://cccta.org/schedule/4/. The shuttle stops right in front of the ice rink. Check out the Civic Drive stop. You can also catch the trolley at Broadway Plaza. While mom shops, dad can take the family to Walnut Creek on Ice!

Private Parking Lots

Some private parking lots are available for paid public parking after business hours. Most fees are $2.00 per hour with a maximum charge of $4.00. Look for signs posted with payment details at the following locations: